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Od: Josef Augustin
Datum: 2.7.2010 14:29
Předmět: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re[3]: emulace floppy na SD

Cituji z webu:
IDE Features
  • Supports IDE-Harddiscs with up to 128GB
  • with special drivers you could also handle bigger harddiscs or even CD- and DVD-drives
  • simultaneous operation of two harddiscs (master and slave) at the same time: This means, you can connect up to 256GB to your CPC!
  • Transfer speed of 162KByte/s: That's as fast as copying memory inside the CPC with LDIR! In practice (loading FAT16/32 files) the speed is still about 130KB/s (SymbOS-FAT-driver)!
  • external power supply required: You don't need to be afraid, that the power supply of your CPC monitor will be overloaded
  • no timing problems: Interrupts don't need to be disabled during the data transfer with the harddisc. The harddisc can operate while you play sound or doing other things with your CPC (multitasking etc.).
  • Traffic activity display via a LED on the board
Additional Features
  • 512KB Ram extension, which is fully compatible to the CPC 6128 and the dk'tronics ram extension
  • 512KB rewriteable Rom. You can upload up to 32 Roms, which of course are persistant. You can also use the Rom space as an additional Ram extension. Roms can be switched on or off via switches or via software.
  • PS/2 mouse connector. This makes it possible to connect wireless, optical mouses to your CPC!
  • Realtime clock, which is fully PC compatible and provides additional 128 byte persistant ram, which can be used to store config data.

Doplnujici informace: http://www.cpcwiki.eu/index.php/Programming:SYMBiFACE_II


Prodava to ne vyrobce DrZed, ale autor SymbOSu Prodatron, k zastizeni na jmika tu byla ta zakroucena vec prodatron.net nebo na Facebooku http://www.facebook.com/joern.mika?ref=search. Platil jsem ho myslim pres Paypal, ale poslat mu penize na ucet pres Paypay by taky urcite slo. Jak dlouho to trva - tezko rict, rekl bych ze tak nejmin 1x rocne DrZed vyrobi nejakou mensi varku, po ktere se hned zaprasi. Ja jsem se o dostupnosti dozvedel spis nahodou, sledovanim diskuzni skupiny http://groups.yahoo.com/group/symbos8bit. Jednal jsem rychle a mel jsem tudiz dvojnasobne stesti. :)




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Symbiface bych do budoucna take bral akorad jsem jeste nestih nak prokoumat co to vsechno vlastne umi. A jak to objednat jestli to vubec de a jak dlouho to trva a jestli to vyuziju ... proste vsechno :-)    Navic sem se ted obdaroval tim 6128 a bude to chtit chvilku pockat... 



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