Konference: ATARI a 8 mi bitové počítače

Od: Anonym
Datum: 1.7.2011 16:20
Předmět: Re: ATARI LYNX


Lynx I nebo Lynx II?

Dle popisu na netu bylo rozebrani Lynxe I hrackou, Lynxe II uz
slozitejsi. Navod v originale pro Lynx II zde:

  "It's not hard, but there are a lot of fragile pieces and the electronics
  are sensitive to all the things that electronics are usually sensitive to,
  like static.  PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  "First, remove the rubber pads from the bottom of the Lynx.  They're glued
  on, but they peel off pretty easily.  Beneath them are screw holes --
  remove them.  Note that it's *very* easy to tell if your lynx has been
  opened, since you leave holes in the glue stuff.  Take off the back of the

  "Remove the screw located inside the battery area.  Be careful when
  replacing this; it can strip easily.  Mine is stripped, but the rest of
  the case holds the battery bay in place.  Remove the battery bay piece.

  "You will see a circuit board with a couple of wires and circuit ribbons
  attached to it.  Carefully unplug all of these.  The ribbon in particular
  seems flimsy.  Do not puncture or otherwise damage it.  Remove the circuit

  "Beneath the circuit board is an assembly screwed to the inside of the
  case, which contains the screen, button contacts and buttons.  A warning
  when unscrewing this-- the are LOTS of small pieces in here, and they're
  particular about how they go back in.  In particular, be careful about the
  A/B buttons, which are slightly different sizes, and the rubber mat around
  the LCD screen, which has nothing to hold it in place.  (NOTE: Also, there
  are contacts on the circuit board hooked up to the high-voltage supply for
  the backlight. They won't do any damage, but can give a mild shock.)

  "The last thing is the joypad contact itself.  This is a small rubber mat
  held in place by a snap-on piece of plastic.  You can carefully remove the
  plastic to get under the apron, where the contacts can be cleaned.  Clean
  in-between the contacts, being careful not to abrase the contacts
  themselves.  They look like half-circles with a small (half-millimeter or
  less) space between.  Grunge between them can register an intermittent
  false contact, which looks to the player like the joypad is being quickly,
  repeatedly pressed in one direction."

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